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C-Hooks / Coil-Hooks from von Nordgreif . . .

C Hook wirh spring balance C32 Coil Lifter for Coil Grab Transport combined C-Hooks with counter weight balance C30 Special Coil-Hook
Coil-Hook with automatic compensation and frame Coil-Hook with special hook shot Coil-Lifter with round mandrel Coil-Lifter to use under a coil grab
Electric Coil-Hook with slewing gear 2 part C-Hook for 4 coils at the same time  3-arm Coil-Lifter C-Hook with automatic compensation and frame
3 arm Coil hook 10to Coilhook with Spring balance 3 arm C-Lifter for transport of wire coils  Single C-Hook with spring balance
10to C-Hook with Gravity compensation Tilting coil hook C33 C-hook with autom. of gravity balancing - Nordgreif - Below the Hook 7to Special Double Coilhook
Coil lifter with Spring balance Coil Lifter 30to with counterweight balance C-Hook With Chain Suspension C31 - Nordgreif - Below the Hook C Hooks - Nordgreif - Below the Hook

Nordgreif, your partner for technical Innovation and lead!


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Load Handling Device Catalog
Load Handling Device Catalog - Nordgreif
   Stamping Plants Flyer
Flyer for Stamping Plant - Nordgreif -english - Below the Hook
Die and Mould Handling for the Automotive Industry 
GSI SLV Zertifizierter Schwei▀fachbetrieb

Welding Ceficate Class E

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